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Lateral 27 mm

Lateral 27 mm


colori laterale 27 mm



The pleated lateral flyscreen 27 mm (lateral 27 mm) has a retractable opening and a bottom rail of only 7 mm. Therefore there is no physical barrier. The lowered bottom rail enables an easy opening and an easy closure and also an easy cleaning of the room. Recommendable for glass doors which are used by older people or people with an handicap.

Lateral 27 mm flyscreen is a real revolution in the insect protection net field. It is perfect for big openings and cares ensures even comfort and safety, if you need a bit of fresh air.

The installation is quick and easy as the 27 mm system only has a few components which are all UNI EN 13561 certified. On request you can obtain a magnetic closure which guarantees a good sealing. The product can be obtained also with one or two windows and respectively doors in various colors.

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