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Nano Blind Double

Nano Blind Double


farben nano blind double


Nano Blind Double is an obscured interior curtain with an automatic friction drive and roll drive.

The dark textile of this automatic interior curtain is light proof and guarantees therefore darkness at 100%.

Nano Blind Double is also the ideal product for meeting rooms and multimedial environments where projectors are used.

This kind of obscured curtain has many advantages, such as the wide color range which can be perfectly adapted to every kind of window frame. There are also many different obscured textiles and filter cloth which fit gorgeous in every kind of environment and design.

Special accessories assure that the material is always perfectly tense and the sides are always closed.

For the Nano Blind with an height of 2300mm there is the (double) installation box.

A velcro adhesive on the perimeter of the Nano Blind curtain allows an immediate installation. Comfortable clips allow to hold together the installation box and the bottom rails for an easy installation in the space.

By default there is the manual operation, otherwise you can obtain on request the rod activaton as an optional. 

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