Here is the reason why you should choose a pleated flyscreen solution

Here is the reason why you should choose a pleated flyscreen solution

The advantages of a pleated Flyscreen

In this article we will present you the many advantages of the pleated Flyscreens which you should have in mind when you are supporting your customer during his purchase.

For sure you may have noticed an indecision when customers have to choose their flyscreen. The customers do not know if they have to buy the modern, pleated flyscreens or the traditional roller blind flyscreens. In many cases the customers do not know if the pleated flyscreens are good enough for their requirements and if they have to change their way and let go the good old traditional roller blind flyscreens.

To collect all advantages of the pleated flyscreens is a way to help you to have a clear idea in order to help your customers to guide them through the choice of their flyscreen.

To understand which flyscreen one has to choose can be quite complicated as the market grows continously and offers many possibilities to choose. To make it easy to orientate it is good to keep in mind some technical details.

Considering the characteristics which we are going to list it will become very easy to identify the right product for your customers which will then meet their expectations. This will also reduce to a minimum the possibility of a wrong purchase and as a result unsatisfied customers.

Before beginning to talk about all advantages of this product, let's try to outline all key characteristics.

We present you the pleated Flyscreen

It is a model which fits perfectly to doors, windows and glass doors, so for almost each room. The fundamental characteristic of the pleated flyscreen is that it has a pleated net with bunched web. In the exact moment where the flyscreen is fully closed, the net will be completely tense. When the flyscreen will be opened the net is going to adapt to the pleated model. This means it bends like an accordion until it completely disappears. With this kind of flyscreen it is not necessary to have a collection bin and the feather system. Thanks to the big product range of Proline flyscreen models, the pleated flyscreens are adaptable to every window space also to the smallest ones.

Furthermore the pleated flyscreen is a trend product which fits perfectly in modern environments and is able to keep elegance and style. The opening and the closure are absolutely safe and controlled as the net can be opened and closed partially and blocked at every point you may want. In addition some pleated flyscreen models do not have a bottom rail or just a minimum one with an height of only 3mm and it is like as it would not even be there.

Now that we know the operation system we can move on to check with more attention all advantages which the pleated flyscreens offer. You are not going to have any difficulties anymore in talking with your customers and it will be easy to guide them through their decision.

Safety guaranteed

While the roller blind flyscreens can be dangerous sometimes due to their sudden wrapping mechanism, the pleated flyscreens have an absolutely safe opening and closing system so that it nobody occurs the risk to be hurt.

Sometimes it can be scary or even painful when the roller blind flyscreen all of a sudden clicks due to its tensed feather. This mechanism which might cause this dangerous wrapping is not present in the pleated flyscreen. No click device, only a fluid scrolling, silent and without any doubts safe. Therefore the pleated flyscreens are not risky like the roller blinded ones.

When your customers ask you for a cheaper product and when they are orientated towards the roller blind flyscreens, you should remind them how they can represent a problem, especially if they have children in the house. You better invite them to think about the safety the pleated flyscreen can offer due to its frictioned opening.

You can also talk for example about the fluid scrolling which characterizes lateral pleated flyscreen of 18 mm. Once they have tried this product the will never want to change it again!

Additionally there is no bottom rail for some pleated flyscreen models which increases the safety factor (as for example the Plissé and Plissé Zero). For these types the bottom rail has a maximum height of 3 or 5 mm and therefore it is not an obstacle. In fact it is an advantage for housings and rooms where you cannot obstacle the passage for older people, disabled, children, strollers and wheelchairs.


Easy cleaning

How often did your customers ask you for an advice how to clean the flyscreens? For sure you have been in the situation to show the cleaning procedure for the flyscreens because it is an important topic which has an influence on the purchasing decision, too.

Your customers choice will be even more easy once they learn how easy it is to clean the pleated flyscreens. For sure then they want to say good bye to the dirty which creeps in the mechanism of the roller blind flyscreens and this can compromise the system.

In order to keep clean the pleated flyscreens it is necessary to release periodically the guide from the dust with a normal vacuum cleaner. Meanwhile it is enough to use a soaked cloth to clean the net so the small wholes can be freed and fresh air can rush through.

Thanks to the pleated flyscreens your customers do not need anymore to dismantle the window space to try to reach the numerous hidden places where dust can accumulate, like with the roller blind flyscreen. No box, no tube required as for the roller blinded ones where dust and more dirty can find a fix space.


Quick installation

Among the many advantages you can tell about the pleated flyscreens to your customers you should also mention the easiness of the installation. To mount a pleated flyscreen is a very easy and quick operation because they are realized with only a few components made of high-quality aluminium.

The pleated flyscreens furthermore allow to correct eventual irregularities, also bigger ones, like no other flyscreen before.


The choice of the colors

The special painting technique makes the pleated flyscreen a long living product and they do not need to be paint again. For the pleated models it is easy to choose between a high number of colors of the RAL product range. This is another reason why it will be more easy for your customers to combine the flyscreens with their furnitures and their interior design at home.

Also the net can be chosen in grey, black or colored.


Poor maintenance

The first reason why the pleated flyscreens do not need a particular maintenance is that they do not have the feather system. Think about how often you had to repair or substitute the flyscreens, also shortly after purchasing them because the feather has been damaged. The sudden clicks and wrappings which actually shouldn't happen contribuite to increase the breaking risk of the feather and needs absolutely to be substituted.

The pleated flyscreens instead are perfect for rooms with frequent passage because the opening is always controlled, although they are frequently used.

The components are made of high-quality material and are not subject to rust or discoloration due to their exposure to sun or rain.

The frame of the pleated flyscreens made of extruded aluminium contributes to a long duration of the product because it is a material which does not bend or corrode.


Variety of models

The Proline pleated flyscreens include numerous models so that they meet everybody's different expectations. For the glass-doors the are many different lateral pleated flyscreens: from the most tight with a thickness of 18 mm to the reversible with the scrolling in different directions.

For the windows it is recommended the vertical pleated flyscreens, but also some horizontal flyscreen models fit perfectly.

The vertical pleated flyscreens can be realized with a thickness of 18, 22 or 27 mm.


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