Our services

Customized Solutions

Since the company beginning in 2011 we are having private people, retailer and also plumber as customers. Proline guarantees durable products which fit perfectly in all rooms and also have a high capability. Tailored solutions for every customer.


Professional Staff

The Proline staff has an important goal: to create and to revolutionize. Proline is a solid company in its business due to the ongoing trainings. In addition we have the passion for the crafts.



The placement fees are low as we produce directly on our own. The competitiveness of our prices are the result of our engagement.



Our professional staff takes care of you and explains you which kind of flyscreen adjusts best into your home or which one you would like to resell to your customers. We also arrange a provisional and later on a definitive inspection of the room where the flyscreen is supposed to be installed.


Non-binding Offers

Through a simple form on our homepage you will obtain a non-binding offer.


Delivery and Trasport

Capability and organization enable a fast and reliable delivery. The transport is always under control to assure a punctual delivery without any damages.



Our technical, professional staff can face also a more complicated installation. They will resolve every problem quickly!



Proline offers its clients also customer service after purchasing a flyscreen.


Repair Service

Our technical, professional staff takes immediate care of repair requests.